Melissa Glouchkov, owner of Center Pointe Pilates demonstrating Pike on the Pilates chair.

Welcome to Center Pointe Pilates

Offering privates and small group instruction based in the Classical work of Joseph Pilates.

For many years I had been looking for a studio near my area that was offering classical Pilates in Round Rock to take privates and classes.  There were none.  There were a few gyms that offered Mat classes, but none of them offered the complete Pilates experience of using the equipment Mr. Pilates developed.  The equipment is the beginning of the Pilates process and it is THROUGH the equipment in which the body learns to move and change.  The equipment prepares the body for Mat work.

With my children attending school in the area, and our involvement with Metamorphosis Dance Academy where I teach ballet, I was inspired to offer this amazing method of movement to the Round Rock community.  Since 1998, I have taught pilates, first at Timberline Fitness and then at Castle Hill Fitness in Austin, Texas to some incredible individuals.   I have met so many people in the Round Rock community that love to move and exercise, but do not want to drive a lifetime into Austin to do it; so in June of 2015,  I  opened Center Pointe Pilates.  Back then, Round Rock’s FIRST fully equipped Pilates studio.


1001 South Mays, Round Rock, TX


Build flexibility and strength with support


Challenge balance, stability and strength

Pilates Box

Open up a whole new realm of Reformer workouts


Gain full range of movement
in the whole body


Build better posture, balance and functional movement

We can't wait to meet you!!


Mel Glouchkova

Jami Johnson
Pilates Instructor

Originally from Corpus Christi, TX, Melissa grew up studying ballet from age three through now.  Her professional career in dance spans over twenty years, and she has taught ballet for the past thirty years.  During her career with Tapestry Dance Company in Austin, TX, Melissa was introduced to pilates in 1997.  The significant improvement and balance it brought to her body and her dancing was so gratifying, that she decided to pursue her certification.  In 1999, Melissa received her pilates certification under Colleen Glenn of Glenn Studios/Goodbody’s of Dallas, TX, co-founder of the Pilates Method Alliance and Director of Education and Master Teacher for Peak Pilates.  For the past seventeen years, Mel has been a certified pilates instructor training bodies of all skill levels, shapes, sizes, ages, and health at Castle Hill Fitness in Austin, TX.  Melissa’s main focus is proper body awareness, alignment, and control while providing not only an intense and strengthening workout for her clients, but also tools to use while in the “real” world.  Her clientele ranges from competitive athletes and dancers, to those with chronic health issues ranging from MS to herniated discs and hip replacements.

Jami’s lifetime love of sports and being active led to her love of exploring everything the human body is capable of in motion and movement. She discovered in 2007 that Pilates resolved her chronic knee, lower back and neck pain where other methods had not. She received Stott Pilates certification in 2010 and has continued her education with many athletic and rehabilitation courses, including the Balanced Body Movement Medicine series. Passionate about helping others live in their bodies with less pain and more awareness, she is inspired to share the amazing benefits of this strengthening, posture-correcting and healing work.

Pilates with Mel saved my life

When I first started with Mel, I had chronic problems in the upper back and lower back.  I had seen a family doctor, a neurologist, an orthopedic surgeon, a physical therapist and a chiropractor.  The only one who had helped me at all was the chiropractor, who gave only temporary relief to the low back and to whom I had to return occasionally for adjustments to straighten me up.  Then I went to Mel.  Now the chronic problems are gone.  Gone.  And I’m in better shape than I have been in years.  Mel knows how the many parts of the body work with each other.  I can’t say that about most doctors I know.”

Willie S.

She will keep coming up with ways to explain something, using all kinds of examples, until you get it.

“I went to Mel because I was told that she was extremely knowledgeable about the body and very smart in figuring out exactly what might be causing you any pain.  And then figuring out how to fix it.

While I have found all of that to be true I would like to add that she is a very pleasant person to spend an hour with.  She always has a smile on her face, she is incredibly patient – even when she has to explain the same thing to you for the 15th time – she doesn’t make you feel stupid.  And she is very creative.  She will keep coming up with ways to explain something, using all kinds of examples, until you get it.  Mel is the best – I would recommend her to anyone.”

T. Hubbeling

Mel is an extraordinary instructor.

 “Pilates involves very precise movements and Mel is able to give very clear and vivid explanations – and she is extremely patient as you figure it out.  Perhaps because Mel is also a dance instructor, she has a seemingly endless supply of ways to explain movements (and some of the explanations are very funny!).  She readily adapts exercises to individual needs, e.g. injuries, lack of flexibility, etc.  I have worked with her both in individual sessions and in group sessions, and she is terrific in either setting.  She is a true professional.”
The Other Mel G

What I appreciate most about Mel is her ability to see what muscles need work and to plan an effective and efficient program to strengthen them.

I have worked with Mel for 18 months and the results are easy to see. I am much more aware of my muscles and how I am using them. My posture has improved, the range of motion in my shoulder is much, much better, and I can do the Pilates exercises with good form and ease.

K. Bacon

Mel is the most incredible Pilates teacher

Mel is the most incredible Pilates teacher you will ever find. Every lesson you will learn something new and before you know it your body will change. Mel always figures out the perfect way to explain what you need to do. You will work hard and you will love every minute
Janis H.

Private Lessons


Duets receive the same individual attention but is broader based at a more affordable rate than the private.



Privates allow the student to receive highly individualized training based solely on their needs.



Trios, too, receive a thorough training session tailored to the group, but also at a lower price.


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Center Pointe Pilates offers a complimentary 30 minute session to new students interested in learning more about Pilates or to assess levels for clients with Pilates experience. Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you to schedule your appointment.